Thursday, October 8, 2009

The City of Blinding Lights....

“Like a mother she nurtures her children… endures all the blows thrown upon her; silent with her suffering, yet always abuzz… delusional but never deceiving. Like a true friend she stands by you when you fall, picks you up and teaches you how to walk again; never lets you feel alone. Hopeful and forgiving, here, thousands of dreams are fulfilled everyday; thousands of lives change everyday; shinning with the glow of her wide eyed people; as they walk through her streets, with their hearts on their sleeves. Call her Mumbai, call her Bombay, for her it’s just a name, nothing will deter her spirit… For she is the city of blinding lights…”

They say, HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS! This is why I don’t think I would ever be able to call any other city, MY HOME! My love affair with this city started years back, when a five year old I would roam around Nariman Point and Chowpatty, gawking at the beauty of the Queen’s Necklace… on a horse carriage! That was romantic for me… like a silly five year old with missing front teeth I would stare at the skyscrapers, the beauty of the Haji Ali Dargah as it shone with all its might under the full moon… The ice cream at Yankie Doodle, the chat at Juhu Beach, Fantasy Land, Buddi Ka Baal at the Gateway of India… that was my Bombay!

Over the years, a lot of course has changed, along with the name… from being the sone ki chiddiya , this city has now become the biggest target to communal remarks, terror attacks, economic instability, natural calamities and above all abuse from her citizens… The ones who claim to be her well wishers… blah blah blah! The question here is: when is this going to end? The answer; (coming from another so called well wisher!)… Get the UPites and Biharis out of this city… it will end. In actuality; this has just started another controversy altogether. The solution: Peace Marches? Tried… Candle Light Vigils? Tried… Violence and Destruction? Tried… Result: None worked… Moral: Let this city be, let the people be… overpopulated or not, corrupt or not, She still one of the most welcoming, safe and friendly cities in the entire world… She still is the financial capital of the world’s fastest growing economy… she still is the city of never ending hope… here no one is just a face in the crowd… everyone has a story to tell… everyone has been touched by the humility and affection this city has to offer in some way or the other.

Guess that’s why they say that the spirit of this city is unbreakable… but to say the truth… it’s not the spirit… it’s the faith that the millions of people living in this city have in her… it’s the hope they have in their hearts, when they set out of their houses every morning, that they will at the end of their day get back to their houses safe and sound, for this city, true to her motherly nature, will embrace her children and shelter them from the evil… and the extend of her love shall not depend upon whether you are a Khan, a Kapoor or a Kadam...

Who said it’s all about the name? That’s why she is the city of blinding lights!

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