Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Playing Poker with Hearts!!!

Just a dark room,
with no doors or windows in sight,
the walls closing on me,
squeezing me tight,
I'm scared and unsure,
I don't know what to do,
with no way out,
no hiding away from you,
your words hit my head,
as you sit and play your game,
the stakes are high and I am going to lose,
yet, I don't know whom to blame,
at times i wish, to just run away,
break free from these invisible ties,
I feel suffocated and blinded,
by your fake promises and lies,
but as they say, its beginners luck,
I win on the king of hearts,
I think I have won over you,
oblivious its just because its the start,
you are the master deceiver,
with a poker straight face,
while I am still the rookie,
betting it all on just an ace,
the flop and turn have opened,
hoping for a heart flush to be there,
little do i know, you already have a queen on the table,
and in your hand, a queen pair!
ours is a game of bluff,
where I have blindly let it all go,
But you'll never know what I am playing on,
If I'm losing, I'll fold before I have to show!

*Hope you guys get the metaphor!

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