Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer's Last Dusk

Yellow, a melancholy yellow was the sky,

the sun hidden behind the blue-gray clouds,

Birds returning to their nests,

Everything else, as if laid to rest,

A time when everyone was heading home,

Waiting to embrace love and warmth,

Her eyes, captured every moment perfectly,

Not missing a single beat,

She stood there cold,

Oblivious to the humid summer heat,

The twinkle of her tears,

Shone through her painfully beautiful eyes,

With the last dusk of summer,

She had said all her good byes

Escaped from that warm embrace,

With all her pride, vanity and grace,

The skies slowly turned into a beautiful gray,

She looked up, smiled,

For the last time she silently prayed,

The thundering echoed,

With the shattering of her heart,

As the rains came down,

Ripping the sky apart,

She drenched herself,

In her tears and the rain,

With summer's last dusk,

She finally parted with her pain.