Monday, March 30, 2009

Wonderwall - Revised!

Her head was spinning, as Oasis kept on screaming “Wonderwall” into her ears. How she loved this song, somehow it went with every single mood of hers, all the time. She quietly took another gulp of her beer, it she always said, helped her calm down, made her feel numb. She needed that, more than anything else. May be not… she needed something else more… But as of now, with the other requirement seemed more distant than it was, so, she instinctively and more like she said to “calm” herself down, settled for the beer!

It was a long long time ago, though it sounds like the start of a perfect Fairy Tale, hers by no means was anything close to perfect. She had always managed to make the wrong choices in her life... however; she never regretted any of them. Until now…

Long back, she had met him first at a friend’s party; he was a friend’s friend. Back then, he was like the charming stranger, she the simple girl with a perpetually broken heart. She caught him looking at her a couple of times, and gave a shy smile back. Her heart began beating fast as he approached her, not because he was painfully good looking, but because she was scared of letting anyone into her life. She had made a rule to not let any stranger into her life, but too late, she had unknowingly broken her own rule. He had made his grand yet quiet entry into her life. Time passed as they got to know each other better. Theirs was a warm and loving friendship, filled with some extremely special moments.

The most endearingly special of which happened one night, they had gone out for diner, and then to the beach for a walk. It was her favorite place. That’s when he had turned to her looked into her eyes and before any of them could say a thing, they kissed. A chill ran down her spine… “It personified going weak in the knees”, she said with a dreamy smile. She smiled a lot during those days; it helped her cover up for her sadness, the tears would hide themselves behind her broken smile. The kiss was special for her; yet, she never discussed it with him… she didn’t feel the need to. She was in love with him. He too loved her back, she thought so at least. She didn’t believe in fairy tales or knights in shining armors, nor did she believe in glass slippers or midnight magic spells. However, for her at that time all of it made sense, their mere existence didn’t seem stupid or imaginative to her. After all she believed she had found her “Wonderwall”

But then one day, her “Wonderwall” came crashing down. He had called her to meet him; he said that he had something to tell her, something important. She thought that this was the right time, and decided that she would tell him that she loved him; “he loves me back, I have nothing to worry about!”, she has tried to pacify her own nervousness by saying that.. Confidently, she had walked upto him that day, looked into his eyes, and said “I think I am in love with you”, sounding more nervous than she had thought she was, he looked at her and said, “I love you too, after all you are my closest friend!” and that’s when she saw her walk in, she was beautiful, and the look in his eyes said it all.

He held her close, and said, meet her, she is Ria... He held her by the arm and took her aside, "Isn't she cute? I Love her!!” he gushed like a small boy in love! Just then she (Ria) came along, he immediately looked at her, his eyes gleaming with love and pride... "Ria, meet her, she is my closest friend…”

She stood there, partially shocked, partially surprised, a riot of emotions had already been sparked of in her head, she could have died, could have disappeared if given a choice, she wished she were dreaming, she could punch him, could crawl into his arms and cry like a baby! But none of that happened, instead, she just looked at him and smiled…”Oh, I am so happy for you guys!”, she said trying her best to sound convincingly enthusiastic, while “Wonderwall” echoed in her mind.