Monday, February 23, 2009

Complexities of the Mind!!!

What if we humans were not living creatures, but robots? What if we could condition ourselves to be the way our whims and fancies want us to be! Wouldn't it be cool?!

Stupid, Random thought.

The human mind is by far the most complex of god's creations! It has the ability to create mamoth world peace threatening issues out of stupid situations that can be avoided in a simple way - Ingore... See, Listen, Forget! A simple three step process that will reduce half the issues we humans keep piling up in our systems! But no, for some reason, that just doesnt seem to happen with most of us! We love thinking, that is our favourite passtime. Admit it. What do you do when you have nothing to do, u think! About something or the other. Your brain inevitably begins to wander into directions you didn't even know existed! (Especially with us girls!)

A lot of times we act according to what people around us want us to. Why? Cause we think, what if my XYZ action brings about a XYZ reaction! What if this, what if that.. blah blah blah! Why don't we just speak our mind? Why think so much? Why not just let it all be and free yourselves from the excess emotional and illogical baggage we all like roaming around with? (Funilly, here too I am thinking! About my excess emotional baggage! Such is the human mind!!) Why not just leave it all behind and for once do something silly, something stupid, something random!

As Shel Silverstein puts it, "Draw a crazy picture,Write a nutty poem,Sing a mumble-gumble song,Whistle through your comb.Do a loony-goony dance'Cross the kitchen floor,Put something silly in the world; That ain't been there before."

So, I am now hoping I can put in my own silly contribution too! Don't think! Go ahead, you don't really need to be mechanical to condition yourself according to your whims and fancies!

I rest my case here.

-- Himalee Shah

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U.Sidharth Bhat said...

u might consider buddhism :D