Monday, February 23, 2009

Complexities of the Mind!!!

What if we humans were not living creatures, but robots? What if we could condition ourselves to be the way our whims and fancies want us to be! Wouldn't it be cool?!

Stupid, Random thought.

The human mind is by far the most complex of god's creations! It has the ability to create mamoth world peace threatening issues out of stupid situations that can be avoided in a simple way - Ingore... See, Listen, Forget! A simple three step process that will reduce half the issues we humans keep piling up in our systems! But no, for some reason, that just doesnt seem to happen with most of us! We love thinking, that is our favourite passtime. Admit it. What do you do when you have nothing to do, u think! About something or the other. Your brain inevitably begins to wander into directions you didn't even know existed! (Especially with us girls!)

A lot of times we act according to what people around us want us to. Why? Cause we think, what if my XYZ action brings about a XYZ reaction! What if this, what if that.. blah blah blah! Why don't we just speak our mind? Why think so much? Why not just let it all be and free yourselves from the excess emotional and illogical baggage we all like roaming around with? (Funilly, here too I am thinking! About my excess emotional baggage! Such is the human mind!!) Why not just leave it all behind and for once do something silly, something stupid, something random!

As Shel Silverstein puts it, "Draw a crazy picture,Write a nutty poem,Sing a mumble-gumble song,Whistle through your comb.Do a loony-goony dance'Cross the kitchen floor,Put something silly in the world; That ain't been there before."

So, I am now hoping I can put in my own silly contribution too! Don't think! Go ahead, you don't really need to be mechanical to condition yourself according to your whims and fancies!

I rest my case here.

-- Himalee Shah

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For What?!!!?

All that waiting for hours,
For that one phone call,
I had given it everything,
Thinking you'd never let me fall.

All those hours spent waiting,
Just to see you for a while,
You know just for that endearing smile,
Even in the rain i'd walk for a mile.

Those moments we spent still haunt me,
Hidden away from the rest of the world,
I could never be what you always wanted,
I was always that perfectly imperfect girl.

So much for what,
When it all had to fall flat,
I've tried but still can't figure out,
What did I do to deserve all that...

-- Himalee Shah

Friday, February 13, 2009

The knight in shining armour! the magic spells!! hail St. Valentine!!

Ohkay, it is the 14th of Febuary, love is in the air, people al over the world are waiting to proclaim their undying love to each other blah, blah, blah!

I am not an anti valentine person, but i guess that little glitch comes very naturally especially when you dont have that special someone on valentines. However, I personally do feel Valentines Day is a pretty stupid idea, honestly, Why would anyone in Love need a specific day to show it? But i know there are many out there who may beg to differ! I am not starting a debate here, honesly, I couldnt care less. But since everyone around me is talking about love, and practically most of my friends are getting hooked up with someone or the other, I have started to wonder how twisted our perception of love and relationships is... I remember as a kid i would read about Knights in shining armours and the magic spells, as a 5 year old I did believe in it too, but as I grew up, I obviously realised that all of it is best saved for fairy tales and yashraj movies. But however, even on a more realistic level, the current perception that people have of love and romance leaves me baffled.

I am not a die hard romantic, or the kind of person who believes in climbing roof tops and shouting out to the world how I am in love with someone... But yea, the sheer fraudulence of these relationships is what startles me. More than genuine feelings, it seems more like a battle of who is with who and who is doing who, in this whole hollow competitive mess, the sincerity of relationships has gone for a toss... I could be wrong, so could be my observation. I don't care; every action has an equal and opposite reaction anyway!

Till then, Hail St. Valentine, bring on the heart shaped baloons and a dozen red roses for our lovers here!
I am just going to be content spending some quality time with my friends and some beer!!

-- Himalee Shah

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

From DEVDas to DEV D

I am no movie critic, in fact, I am not even certified enough to be one! I don't understand half the shit that goes into making a movie. Friday after Friday we see so many dreams being painted on celluloid; Friday after Friday we see critics and the audience mercilessly ripping them apart. I won’t say they are being unfair, I would be a hypocrite then; I have done that too! However now, off late, (may be cause I as a part of my job have to deal with these Fridays pretty closely!) have started to understand the anxiety of the people who have put in their soul into creating something.
-- Himalee Shah

This Friday we witnessed one such dream being painted on celluloid, one of the most courageous movies made in recent times, defying the conventional laws of making Hindi movies came Anurag Kashyap’s much talked about (mostly cause of its innovative publicity design and a commendable soundtrack) DEV D. A coming of age movie in its true sense and an outrageously real and contemporary version of the very guy we all have grown up either watching in its various screen adaptations or reading about, Devdas.

Even though the movie was much in news, considering the audience reaction and feedback on Kashyap’s last movie, I still was skeptical, unsure if the movie would be as great as its promos promised it to be. But on watching the movie, I must admit, I was awed with Kashyap’s vision as well as audacity. DEV D is aching real, in every aspect, from the egoistic DEV to the survivor CHANDA or the boisterous PARO, every character is achingly real in his/her own sense. The movie breaks convention, sets the stage for a new school of cinema, belonging to the people who are in tune with their vision and know their audience well. But I am not getting into the detailing of that; technically, of what I understand, the story is well written, Kashyap has mixed the DPS scandal and Sarat Chandra’s classic in a contemporary setting with great flamboyance making a perfect cocktail. The cinematography too is amazing, the music (which is being already spoken about) is exceptional, the editing is acceptable (though a little bit of trimming wouldn’t hurt); the performances (Abhay Deol; especially) are top notch. But what strikes me the most (like I’ve already mentioned) is the characterization. All the characters, extremists in their own rights, still have shades of each of us in them. Whether it is the scene where Dev breaks the glass by throwing it on the wall, or Chanda talking about her past to Dev or Paro cycling into the fields with a mattress tied behind; each of the scenes without the use of melodramatic lines or over the top expressions stay with you even after the movie has ended.

I am glad DEV D happened, I am glad we have a Anurag Kashyap who has the vision to make something that breaks convention, I am glad we have a UTV that believes in these visions, I am glad we have a Abhay Deol who is not worried about if the “audience will accept him” in a particular role or not. After this refreshing change; I am looking forward to more from filmmakers belonging to this school of thought. Till then I don’t mind O/D-ing on this Emotional Atyachar!!
--Himalee Shah