Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Words of a Bleeding Nation

My pride lies in my people,
This is the land of the Ganges, Of the Haji Ali,
Of the Golden Temple,
The serene missionaries and churches,
That's my religion,
That's my faith.
But it's the same,
That has put me to shame,
Religion has broken me,
Divided me into so many pieces,
Ripped off my soul,
Challenged my existence,
My people today stand against each other,
Thirsty for the other ones blood,
You my very own child,
Its you who has caused this divide,
You killed my children,
You left some handicapped,
You raped my daughters,
While some were brutally chopped,
You made widows,
You made orphans,
You destroyed homes,
You demolished temples,
In the name of faith,
You painted my courtyard with my own children's blood,
Decorated it with mutilated bodies,
You killed me,
You killed my religion,
And still you call me your MOTHERLAND.

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