Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lost Pride, Restored Glory.

On a busy Wednesday evening,
When the sun had just gone down,
A few men stood there waiting,
To spread terror across town.

Just as the city of Mumbai,
Was unaware about the disaster waiting to strike,
The rogues went around killing innocents,
Their hearts filled with hatred and dislike.

They attacked our pride,
Made a mockery of innocent lives,
Celebrations turned to mourning,
While the captured waited for some help to arrive.

The tragedy that struck this city,
Has left its scars on our mind,
While the nation waited with hopeful eyes,
The government turned blind.

Hundreds have lost their lives in this catastrophe,
Thousands have been scarred forever,
Why is it so that we are expected to always fight back?
Who said "the spirit of Mumbai" will go on forever?

Enough is enough; we can't take no more,
Our resilience has given way,
It's time to speak up, to take a stand,
We are not always going to be the prey.

No more are innocents going to die,
No more is the city going to burn,
No more are we going to believe the fake promises,
This is a lesson we all have learned.

The ones who have sinned,
Have to pay for it; we're not taking this lying down,
The government better mind their each and every step,
They can't make a charade out of this town.

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