Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lost Pride, Restored Glory.

On a busy Wednesday evening,
When the sun had just gone down,
A few men stood there waiting,
To spread terror across town.

Just as the city of Mumbai,
Was unaware about the disaster waiting to strike,
The rogues went around killing innocents,
Their hearts filled with hatred and dislike.

They attacked our pride,
Made a mockery of innocent lives,
Celebrations turned to mourning,
While the captured waited for some help to arrive.

The tragedy that struck this city,
Has left its scars on our mind,
While the nation waited with hopeful eyes,
The government turned blind.

Hundreds have lost their lives in this catastrophe,
Thousands have been scarred forever,
Why is it so that we are expected to always fight back?
Who said "the spirit of Mumbai" will go on forever?

Enough is enough; we can't take no more,
Our resilience has given way,
It's time to speak up, to take a stand,
We are not always going to be the prey.

No more are innocents going to die,
No more is the city going to burn,
No more are we going to believe the fake promises,
This is a lesson we all have learned.

The ones who have sinned,
Have to pay for it; we're not taking this lying down,
The government better mind their each and every step,
They can't make a charade out of this town.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Its time, afterall, better late than never.

On the 26th of November, 2008; when the sun went down & the city of Mumbai was getting ready to call it a day, somewhere in some god forsaken part of south Mumbai few people were setting up the stage for one of the most ghastly attacks this country has witnessed. 

While all of this was on I was in Andheri with my friends, blissfully unaware of the catastrophe that was about to strike this city. It was much later after my friend called to inquire if I was okay that I realized that something has happened and even then I had no clue about the magnitude of the events that had unfolded before several shocked & unsuspecting eyes. 

Today as I sit here, inside the safety of my house, a thought passes my head… each of us Indians have been through myriad emotions and the entire nation has been glued to their television sets, or constantly following the news on their computers or via other media… each of us have been affected by this tragedy in some or the other way. While hundreds have been grieving the loss of a loved one, some have been through the ordeal, while most of us have been the silent spectator s of this 62 hour nightmare. All of us are angry, disgusted, shocked and above all proud of the security services of this country. While all of this has happened, I personally am feeling let down. Let down by our own political system; by the ones who have taken up the responsibility to govern our country. While the entire nation was sitting on the edge of our seats witnessing the operations carried out by our brave jawans and security personnel, our politicians chose to remain in the safety of their houses, or their bullet proof cars and convoys, while some decided to gram the limelight giving out almost identical speeches of how they “condemned” the attacks and called them a “dastardly act”, some even used it as a “opportunity” to publicize their respective parties and most of them as expected played the blame game. 

I sat there, in front of my TV, angry. Then I thought, all this anger and frustration, how is it going to help? Because, like other terrorist attacks, this too would be forgotten, the lost heritage would probably be repaired and restored, the so-called “spirit of Mumbai” would be evident once again as the common man would get back to earning his daily bread. But what about the irreparable loss? About the once who have lost their dear ones, about the impact this would have on the minds of the ones who were trapped in the tragedy, about the scar that has come on our 103 year old pride? Can anyone replace it? Can our politicians do anything about it? 
Nothing will be done, and nothing is going to be done, not unless all of us take a stand. How, I really don’t know, as of now there are too many things that I know could be done, none of them impactful or concrete enough, but one thing is for sure; Someone needs to take a stand, and I believe it has to be the youth, the future of this country. The least we can do is start a movement of non cooperation where each of us can refuse to vote until we are promised a change in the system. This too may be an irrational idea, but it could be the start. A change is what is needed; a change is what has to be bought about and may be this is the perfect stage for a revolution in the governance, something which this country is in dire need of. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Words of a Bleeding Nation

My pride lies in my people,
This is the land of the Ganges, Of the Haji Ali,
Of the Golden Temple,
The serene missionaries and churches,
That's my religion,
That's my faith.
But it's the same,
That has put me to shame,
Religion has broken me,
Divided me into so many pieces,
Ripped off my soul,
Challenged my existence,
My people today stand against each other,
Thirsty for the other ones blood,
You my very own child,
Its you who has caused this divide,
You killed my children,
You left some handicapped,
You raped my daughters,
While some were brutally chopped,
You made widows,
You made orphans,
You destroyed homes,
You demolished temples,
In the name of faith,
You painted my courtyard with my own children's blood,
Decorated it with mutilated bodies,
You killed me,
You killed my religion,
And still you call me your MOTHERLAND.

The King, The Queen & the Quintessential fool!

We live in a world full of lies,
Trying to brighten it with our own thoughts,
Illusion and reality both are well defined,
Yet, the truth is never really sought,
The king is the one who can live with the lies,
The one who tries to look behind them is the queen,
But know one knows what the truth really is,
No one knows what is the unseen,
Unheard, untold, unspoken so far,
We still have to discover what feelings really are,
Of love, of hate, of envy, of care,
Or why sometimes into blank spaces we stare,
We all do what others thing is cool,
And the one who doesn't ends up becoming the quintessential fool!

The drama is over, I assume

Smiling happy faces,
Shadowing over the gloom,
Like detangling a cluster of laces,
The drama is over, I assume.

Trust has always been at stake,
Whether it's for money, or for love,
Let's give this entire drama a break,
It's time to rise above.

Above all the things conceited and low,
Above all the deceit and hate,
Don't be shaken by the blow,
Be the master of your own fate.

Life is not black or white,
It is in shades of grey,
So nothing here is wrong or right,
Until, you are looked at as the prey.

Don't let yourself be attacked by the rest,
Guard yourself; hold your head up high,
This is time's true test,
Walk through it, don't let out a sigh.

Don't look around in disgust,
It's soon going to be gone,
This is a drama, everything here is just,
Remember, dusk is always followed by dawn.

Smiling happy faces,
Shadowing over the gloom,
Like detangling a cluster of laces,
The drama is over, I assume.